Did you know that Colosseum Online Inc. offers cloud servers? Yes, we started expanding our cloud service offerings last year by working closely with valuable industry leading partners to bring all of the benefits cloud computing offers to our customers.

Now we are excited to announce that we have again expanded upon this offering by working closely with EMC to bring tiered storage for high demand computing. This partnership brings responsive SSD storage to the cloud network to allow resource intensive applications to run in the cloud. This means that you can now harness the benefits of the cloud (http://www.colosseum.com/product services/cloud/benefits.php) for your database applications, development environments, email servers and more through Colosseum Online Inc.'s cloud.

For more technical information on the improvements we have made click here, for more information on Colosseum Cloud offerings click here or email sales@colosseum.com to chat with a sales representative today.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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